One of the least predictable and most emotional project of the late 2014s and 2017s, composing reflective downtempo numbers indebted to blues, jazz and modern classical as well as their own signature genre; personal. The project was founded in 2014s by Alexander and George having it’s own unique selection of sound textures and intentions, Seeing was BAB’s first EP and was release in the early 2015’s, the six-track digital release made it apparent that their vivid, yet soft production, not so heavy-percussion oriented, would be the beginning of a beautiful project.
Ahead BAB’s first album, was released in July 26, 2015, BAB formed a live band featuring vocalist/composer EM and the guitarist Vlad and the quartet toured behind the album for one year.
BAB’s continued producing, performing as a trio. In 2016 Timisoara based artist PUNU, well known in the electronica music scene joined the project, touring with their next album In Between.




The story



„Seeing” EP; the untold story.

You may wonder how everything started, well that, dear reader, might be better heard than seen. As you might already know there are not many who’m seek nor the less who seem to find, as so, our journey begins here where everything was “Built”, even so you may wonder how long has it been since eyes laid gaze on this vivid, yet hectic realm of beauty and sorrow of contrast and plain of “Clouds” and rainbows yet, there is no knowledge of such matter tho we struggle to see beyond them.
Everyday we keep on looking but, for a moment would you be so kind as to see beyond the “Clouds” and as you do, you will see something “Bright”, even if for the time being colors are not seen, keep in mind that this might as well be just the begging of the journey, see the light and recall that in time everything will be “Bright” you have your “Liberty”!
Take time in remembering, in living those beautiful “Moments”, share your joy with those around you as they will soon share theirs with you. After a long road be so kind as to enjoy this beautiful “Sunset” and keep in mind ,that even, if it’s only been heard, this, dear reader, is “Seeing”.



“Ahead; The story”

We often find ourselves surrounded by different textures and emotions, yet we rarely take part in their existence, walking the same road having the same sky sheltering over our paths,
“Seeing” what we have “Built”, “Seeing” over the “Clouds” believing in the true nature of “Bright” “Liberty”, taking into our hearts those beautiful “Moments” and by doing so we can rest
in peace “Seeing” one vivid “Sunset” as we are part of the “Introduction” in the story that follows “Ahead”.
One must leave behind all those “Wishpers” and see the beauty that rests beyond, as moments can sometimes be a burden we must not give in, as “Wishpers” are “falling down” and as they do there will, sometimes, remain “Unsaid” feelings or emotions, many thoughts will remain “Untold” but as they do, please, bare in mind and “Open your eyes”, as “Beginnings” are in your hands.
As every piece breaks away, they are only walking steps helping you see all the way as “The road in front, begins Today!”.
Slowly, ready, calmly stay and remember that “Time” goes and “as he flies, you may thing there is no surprise, as he goes leaving behind some,
stories to be told”, “but he might not recall the time that you were” by the same token you may only “Escape” by “Seeing” “Ahead”.
After all has rested and after all is good we can see the “Plain” “Surface” as one “Unwritten” “Paper” that will help you leave your “Dreams” and see beyond the “Magic”, find the true beauty that lays in: “Our” “Homeland”.

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